Local Phone Numbers
(Area Codes for USA, Canada, Mexico & 60+ Countries)

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Local phone numbers help establish a presence in key markets while letting customers know you're ready for business. Choose local phone numbers for any city you want in the USA, Canada, Mexico and over 60 countries around the globe.

Local phone numbers are ideal for local retailers, restaurants, trade services, auto dealers, medical services, legal services, real estate, property management & more.

Did you know... you can easily port/ transfer your local & toll-free
    numbers from another service provider to KeyMetric for free!

Toll-Free Phone Numbers
(888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833, 800, Vanity Numbers)

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Toll-Free call numbers let customers know you're ready to take on their business no matter where they're located. Select toll-free numbers based on the prefix (e.g., 888 vs. 877) or search for vanity numbers to support your brand.

Toll-free call tracking numbers are perfect for national brands, franchises, international businesses, online retailers, insurance companies, financial institutions & more.

Up-to-the-Minute Call Intelligence

KeyMetric call tracking & analytics captures & reports real-time data for every inbound phone call. Instantly know which channels, campaigns & keywords are driving calls, leads & sales opportunities.

Use either toll-free or local phone numbers to track your inbound phone calls, or a combination of both. Phone numbers can be added in 20 seconds or less and are live the minute you assign them to your account.
  • Calls by source
  • Calls by campaign
  • Calls by keyword
  • Calls by webpage
  • Calls by geo location
  • Calls by day of week
  • Calls by time of day
  • Call trending
  • Call intelligence
  • Call forecasting

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Local Number Call Tracking

Local number call tracking is ideal for small & medium local businesses looking to improve their marketing effectiveness & generate more calls, leads & sales.

Local phone numbers let customers know that you are nearby & ready for business.

Toll-Free Number Call Tracking

Toll-free call tracking is perfect for national brands, franchises, international businesses, online retailers, insurance companies, financial institutions & more.

Toll-Free numbers let consumers & businesses know you're available no matter where they're located.

5 minutes or less

Get up & running in just minutes. Add phone numbers instantly. Easy to add Site Tag for dynamic number insertion.

Call intelligence

Streamlined reporting & charts provide all the data you need. Get the who, why, when & how for every call & interaction.

Call management

Multi-location & after-hours call routing. Call recording & whisper greeting. Call Tagging. Caller ID & geo mapping.

Achieve your goals

Create daily & weekly performance goals to measure call & engagement activity against business goals & objectives.

Share your data

Share call data with Google Analytics & Ads, Microsoft Ads, DashThis, Acquisio, Kenshoo & More. Free GetCalls API.

Text & email updates

Receive & share daily, weekly or monthly activity updates & reports via text message and/ or email.

Real-time intelligence for every call

Our industry-leading call analytics reports valuable data for every inbound call. In addition to knowing the channel, campaign & keyword for each call, you gain access to deep customer data including caller ID, city, state, geo-mapping, call recording, call transcripts, call trends & more.