Local Number Call Tracking
(Area Codes for USA, Canada, Mexico & 60+ Countries)

Call Tracking Analytics Icon Local phone numbers help establish a presence in key markets while letting customers know you're local & ready for business. Choose local phone numbers for any city you want in the USA, Canada, Mexico & over 60 countries around the globe.

Local phone numbers are ideal for local retailers, restaurants, trades & home services, auto dealers, medical services, real estate, property management & more.

Did you know... you can easily port/ transfer your local & toll-free
    numbers from another service provider to KeyMetric for free!

Toll-Free Number Call Tracking
(888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833, 800, Vanity Numbers)

Call Tracking Analytics Icon Toll-Free numbers let customers know you're ready to take on their business no matter where they're located. Select toll-free phone numbers based on the prefix (e.g., 888 phone number vs. 877 phone number) or search for vanity numbers to support your brand.

Toll-free number call tracking is perfect for national brands, franchises, international businesses, online retailers, insurance companies, legal services, financial institutions & more.

On-Demand Call & Conversation Intelligence

KeyMetric call tracking & analytics captures & reports actionable intelligence for every inbound phone call. Instantly know which channels, campaigns & keywords are driving calls, leads & sales opportunities.

Use either toll-free or local phone numbers to track your inbound phone calls, or a combination of both. Phone numbers can be added in just seconds and are live the instant you assign them to your account.
  • Calls by source
  • Calls by campaign
  • Calls by keyword
  • Calls by webpage
  • Calls by geo location
  • Calls by day of week
  • Calls by time of day
  • Call trending
  • Call intelligence
  • Call forecasting

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Local Number Call Tracking

Local number call tracking is ideal for small & medium local businesses looking to improve their marketing effectiveness & generate more calls, leads & sales.

Local phone numbers let customers know that you are nearby & ready for business.

Toll-Free Number Call Tracking

Toll-free call tracking is perfect for national brands, franchises, international businesses, online retailers, insurance companies, financial institutions & more.

Toll-Free numbers let consumers & businesses know you're available no matter where they're located.

5 minutes or less

Get up & running in just minutes. Add phone numbers instantly. Easy to add Site Tag for dynamic number insertion.

Call intelligence

Streamlined reporting & charts provide all the data you need. Get the who, why, when & how for every call & interaction.

Call management

Multi-location & after-hours call routing. Call recording & whisper greeting. Call Tagging. Caller ID & geo mapping.

Achieve your goals

Create daily & weekly performance goals to measure call & engagement activity against business goals & objectives.

Share your data

Share call data with Google Analytics & Ads, Microsoft Ads, DashThis, Acquisio, Kenshoo & More. Free GetCalls API.

Text & email updates

Receive & share daily, weekly or monthly activity updates & reports via text message and/ or email.

Real-time intelligence for every call

Our industry-leading call analytics reports valuable data for every inbound call. In addition to knowing the channel, campaign & keyword for each call, you gain access to deep customer data including caller ID, city, state, geo-mapping, call recording, call transcripts, call trends & more.