Keyword-level call tracking analytics to boost engagement rates & ROI...

Move beyond basic call tracking to identify which paid search keywords are generating the most calls, leads & sales. Instantly improve keyword buys & bidding on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Yahoo, Baidu & more.

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Re-invest in the paid search keywords
proven to drive calls, engagements & sales

KeyMetric keyword-level call tracking analytics identifies the unique paid search (ppc) keyword, including match-type, for every inbound phone call & customer engagement.

Using our real-time 'Calls by Keyword' reports you'll make smarter keyword buys on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Yahoo & other paid search networks. Improve keyword selections, bid amounts & ad copy and re-focus your ad spend on keywords that drive calls, engagements & sales opportunities.

Google Call Extensions

If you are using Google Call Extensions, KeyMetric toll-free & local tracking numbers can be used to enhance Google call data to capture caller ID, caller geo-location, device type, call recording, call trending, call transcripts & more for every call.
Calls by Keyword Report

Stop guessing & start knowing


of all search activity results in consumers calling a business before making a purchase.


of businesses depend on phone calls to convert leads into paying customers.

9 out of 10

businesses are wasting 50% or more of their monthly paid search advertising budget.

Move beyong simply knowing which paid search keywords are driving traffic to your website, & instantly know which keywords are driving every call, customer engagement & sales opportunity.

What else could you possibly need

5 minutes or less

Get up and running in just minutes. Easily add tracking numbers instantly. Easy to add Site Tag for Dynamic Number Insertion.

Call intelligence

Streamlined reports & charts provide all the call tracking metrics you need. Get the who, why, when & how for every call & interaction.

Call management

Multi-location & after-hours routing. Call recording & whisper greetings. Call Tagging & scoring. Caller ID & geo mapping.

Achieve your goals

Create daily & weekly goals to measure call & engagement metrics against key business objectives & performance indicators.

Share your data

Share call data with Google Analytics & Ads, Bing Ads, Salesforce, DashThis, Acquisio, Kenshoo & More. Free GetCalls REST API.

Text & email updates

Schedule & distribute daily, weekly & monthly performance updates via text message and/ or email to your entire team.

Access call data within the tools you use

KeyMetric seamlessly shares call conversion data with Google Ads,
Microsoft Ads, Google Analytics, Acquisio, DashThis, & more.

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Keyword level call tracking

Instantly know which paid search keywords are generating the most calls, leads & sales opportunities.

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Start making smarter keyword buys

KeyMetric keyword call tracking identifies the unique paid search (ppc) keyword, including match-type, for every inbound phone call & customer engagement.

Stop spending on keywords that do not generate conversions, and re-focus your ad spend on keywords that do.

Eliminate wasted keyword buys

Most businesses waste 30-50% or more of their paid search marketing budget on keywords that deliver nothing more than expensive clicks to their website.

KeyMetric helps eliminate wasted marketing dollars by providing comprehensive information on which keywords actually deliver customers who engage your business from your website; over the phone, or by form or chat.

Stop investing in keywords that only generate expensive visitors who spend 10 seconds or less on your website, and start reinvesting in keywords that actually deliver calls, leads & sales opportunities.