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Measure Your Marketing Performance With Ease.
Grow Your Leads, Calls & Revenue Opportunities.
Decrease Wasted Ad Spend by 30% or More.

KeyMetric Call Analytics

Call Tracking & Attribution

Use unqiue phone numbers for offline ads, or our AI-driven Dynamic Number Insertion on your website to connect every call to the attributing ad source, campaign and keyword.

Instantly know which marketing investments are driving customers to pick up the phone.

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Conversation Intelligence

Record, score and categorize every call. AI-powered, multi-language voice recognition and call transcripts allow you to easily analyze and evaluate every conversation.

Identify opportunities. Better understand your customers. Improve sales inefficiencies.

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CTA & Conversion Tracking

Track every website call-to-action and conversion to better understand how, when and where customers are engaging your business while visiting your website.

Quicker to setup, easier to use and more in-depth conversion data than Google Analytics.

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Make Us a "Key" Part of Your Marketing Team

Whether you're a small business owner managing your own advertising, part of a larger marketing group, or an agency driving value for hundreds of clients - adding KeyMetric to your team will be one the best decisions you make.

 24-Hours a Day

We work to track and measure your marketing performance 24-hours a day, 7-days a week so you can focus on growing your business.

On-Demand Insights

We organize your data into real-time reports, graphs and forecasts to drive smarter and faster decision-making cycles.

 Call Management

We'll forward your calls anywhere you want - whether it's one location or multiple. Add call recording & whisper greeting for free.

 Track Your Goals

We automate the tracking of daily and weekly goals to measure engagement performance against key performance indicators (KPIs).

 Circulate Your Data

We distribute your call intelligence to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Salesforce, DashThis, Acquisio, Kenshoo & your entire Martech stack.

 Keep Your Team Informed

We'll distribute daily, weekly and monthly performance updates and reports to your entire team via text message and/ or email.

We Love Our Customers

"We've tried them all & KeyMetric is by far
the best call tracking & analytics out there."

Jason B.
Jason B
"KeyMetric helped maximize our ad spend
& improve call center productivity by 15%."

Steve S.
Steve S
"KeyMetric is a Huge Time Saver. It's easy to
see where all my calls are coming from."

Marketing Manager
Oscar S
"Great value for all the features we get.
The new dashbaord is excellent!"

Cooper L.
Cooper L
"KeyMetric changed the way we measure our
marketing. Call volumes are higher than ever."

Greg F.
Freeway Insurance
Greg F
"KeyMetric gives us the competitive edge to
generate the most leads for every client."

Mark T.
Mark T

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On-Demand Call Analytics & Conversation Intelligence

Instantly Know Which Advertising
Makes Your Phone Ring

KeyMetric Call Tracking Analytics

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Maximize Every Marketing, Sales
& Revenue Opportunity.

KeyMetric Call Anayltics

Easily measure your
advertising effectiveness

On-demand data to easily identify the channels,
campaigns & keywords that drive the most calls,
engagements & conversions.

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Pinpoint Where to Best Invest
Every Marketing Dollar

Know which advertising is worth investing in. Shift
marketing dollars to the campaigns & keywords
proven to generate high ROAS.

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Boost Customer Engagements,
Conversion Rates & Sales

Fine-tune & optimize campaigns, ad placements & paid
search keyword buys with on-demand call analytics &
attribution data + conversation intelligence.

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