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KeyMetric call analytics is trusted by thousands of business locations to drive more calls and leads without increasing ad spend. Simple to setup and use, and with the #1 customer service and support in the industry, our AI-powered call analytics platform helps generate more sales, reduce wasted ad spend, and boost advertising ROI as much as 30x.


of business owners report phone calls as having the highest sales conversion rates.

of consumers will call a business to ask questions before they make a purchase.

avg. conversion rate for phone calls is more than double any other online or website lead.

KeyMetric delivers the insights you need to fine-tune your marketing to focus on the channels, campaigns and pay per click keywords that drive the most calls, deliver more sales opportunities, and convert leads to revenue 15x faster.

Supersize Your Marketing ROI

Real-Time Call Tracking,
Attribution & Intelligence

With KeyMetric call attribution data you instantly know which advertising sources, campaigns and pay per click keywords are delivering every inbound phone call and conversion.

Add our AI-powered Conversation Intelligence to automatically transcribe every conversation into searchable content to identify trends and next actions, improve customer service, and score each conversation based on custom KPIs.

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Trusted By Thousands
of Amazing Customers

We've tried them all, and KeyMetric is by far the best tool and team out there!
Jason B
Jason B - Bidtellect

Amazing value for all the services. Best support team in the industry. 5 Stars.
Cooper L
Cooper L - LevelWing

KeyMetric changed how we measure our marketing. We get more calls than ever.
Greg F
Greg F - Freeway Insurance

KeyMetric is a Huge Time Saver. It's easy to see where all my calls are coming from.
Oscar S
Oscar S - Franchise Owner



KeyMetric Call Tracking Dashboard

Real-Time Insights To Boost Your
Marketing + Sales Performance

Too many businesses waste upwards of 50% of their paid search advertising budget targeting the wrong audiences or buying ads and pay-per-click keywords that deliver costly click-throughs with zero calls, conversions or website engagements.

By tracking every phone call and website conversion, you'll know exactly where to reinvest every marketing dollar based on the campaigns, keywords and content proven to deliver valuable engagements, calls, leads and sales opportunities.

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Turn More Clicks Into
High-Value Conversations

KeyMetric takes the guesswork out of identifying which campaigns, ads and pay-per-click keywords are driving revenue-generating calls and website engagements.

You can be up and running in just minutes when you sign up online or you can
schedule a time to talk and our team will get everything set up and ready for you - free of charge!

KeyMetric Call & Engagement Tracking

Common Questions

Yes. You can signup online in just seconds, and adding phone numbers, ad sources, users and tracking scripts takes just minutes using our intuitive dashboards. For users that need a little help, we are here to help setup your account, tracking and more free of charge. Just contact us and ask about our whiteglove onboarding services.

Yes, KeyMetric call tracking can significantly contribute to improving your marketing ROI. By providing insights into the exact marketing channels, keywords, and campaigns that are generating phone calls, you can optimize your strategies based on data-driven decisions. Understanding which efforts lead to valuable calls allows you to allocate resources more efficiently, refine targeting, and ultimately enhance the overall return on investment for your marketing initiatives.

Yes. If you would like to view your phone call conversions in Google Analytics (GA4) just let our customer engagement team know and we will make it happen.

Yes - you can add as many employees as you want in the adminstration section of our tool simply by adding their email. We then send them an automated invite to create their account. Your can also determine if a user should have admin priviledges or should just be able to view data.