Leadership Team

Michael Turta  

Michael Turta is responsible for executing the overall product and business strategies for KeyMetric as the company establishes itself as a respected market leader.
Michael brings 15+ years of executive management experience building multi-million dollar digital technology and services companies. Under his leadership, KeyMetric has realized year-after-year growth and profitability without third-party or venture capital investment.

Prior to co-founding KeyMetric, Mr. Turta held executive management and consulting roles with recognized market-leaders ClickPath/ Who's Calling (acquired in 2007 by Vista Equity), Agital, 3COM, Motorola, and OpenGrid. Michael Turta is a regular speaker and panelist at industry events and councils, is an investor and board member of various startups, and is occassionally a guest educator at colleges in the local Seattle area.

Gregory Swanson  

Greg Swanson is the inventor of the first call analytics to link digital marketing with offline call conversions. With extensive experience architecting and establishing world-class technologies and interactive solutions, Greg is a recognized technologist within the digital and mobile analytics and technology industries with a passion for maintaining competitive edge in KeyMetric technologies.

Prior to co-founding KeyMetric Greg was CTO and co-founder for ClickPath, the pioneering company of intelligent campaign and keyword-level call tracking, through its multi-million dollar acquisition in 2006 by Who's Calling, and held senior management positions with Questra and Interpath. Mr. Swanson also oversees all technology investments for KeyMetric-owned subsidiary companies, including Adoozle.com.

Antoinette Hume  

Toni Hume is responsible for leading international sales and bizdev teams and initiatives across SMB and Enterprise markets. With 20+ years expertise bridging relationships with Fortune 500 companies, digital advertising agencies and small-to-medium sized businesses, Mrs. Hume presides over strategic sales and business development for KeyMetric and its subsidiaries, and is responsible for managing the company's partner, reseller, and referral channels around the globe.

As a co-founder, Mrs. Hume has cultivated a client portfolio that includes many of today's top interactive advertising agencies, media publishers, call centers, financial services providers, insurance companies, retailers, and B2B and B2C businesses around the globe.

Prior to KeyMetric, Mrs. Hume held an executive sales role with ClickPath/ Who's Calling, and was instrumental in producing revenues in excess of $72M during 2006.

Kristen Giersch  

Kristen Chadwick is responsible for overseeing the company's global customer service and support programs. Having over 15 years experience managing support organizations, Kristen and her team are responsible for servicing the extensive portfolio of KeyMetric clients, channel partners and agencies around the globe; where Kristen pilots one of the most customer-acclaimed programs in the industry.

With extensive expertise in building and maintaining world-class service curriculums and relationships, Kristen has helped lead KeyMetric to achieve a near impossible level of client retention with less than 1% overall customer attrition year after year.

Kristen's background also includes sales and senior account management, managing key strategic accounts for Fortune 100 companies in the financial, insurance, telecom and B2B/ B2C industries. Prior to KeyMetric, Kristen held a senior management role with ClickPath/ Who's Calling.

Darin Delvecchio  

Darin Delvecchio oversees the team responsible for developing KeyMetric platforms and third-party integrations.

With over 15 years experience running development teams, Darin leads the group responsible for managing the core KeyMetric platform as well as integrations into Google, Yahoo, Salesforce.com, Kenshoo, and a host of other third-party tools.

Additionally Darin oversees development of professional services and strategic partner development projects, as well as for core platforms for KeyMetric-owned subsidairy companies including Adoozle.com.

Prior to KeyMetric, Darin held a senior engineering role with ClickPath, acquired in 2006 by Who's Calling, Inc.

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Real-Time Call Tracking & Customer Engagement Analytics To Supercharge Your Marketing...

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It's Time To Unlock The True Potential Of Your Digital, Mobile & Offline Advertising With Real-Time Call Tracking From KeyMetric!

There is a reason why so many businesses across the USA, Canada, Mexico and the entire globe rely on KeyMetric call tracking to maximize their advertising effectiveness.

Whether your business relies on phones calls to close sales, schedule service calls or book appointments - it's invaluable knowing which marketing investments generate calls and customer engagements.

KeyMetric offers secure and reliable call tracking services across the USA, Canada, Mexico and over 60 other countries around the globe.

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions With Real-Time Toll-Free & Local Number Call Tracking & Analytics....

KeyMetric Toll-Free numbers are ideal for regional, national and international businesses whose customers may not be located nearby and toll-free calling will help increase call conversion rates.

888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 800 & Vanity
Numbers Are Available.

Local numbers are perfect for businesses and service providers looking to have an area code that is geographically close to their customers to help increase call conversion rates.

Area Codes Available in the USA, Canada, Mexico and 60+ Countries Around the Globe.

KeyMetric call tracking for Pay-per-Click instantly reports the keywords and ads for every call and customer engagement.

Gain instant access to the data your need to fine-tune bids and focus on the content producing the most cost-effective leads and sales opportunities.

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Easily pinpoint the exact PPC keywords and ads that deliver every inbound call across Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and other PPC Networks.

For customers using Google Call Extensions, toll-free & local numbers can be used to capture the campaign, ad group, keyword and ad for every call.

For many of today's businesses, social media ads are the #1 marketing channel.

KeyMetric helps maximize the value of social campaigns by tracking calls and customer engagements generated from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all your social media investments.

Social Network Logo Icons

By adding toll-free or local numbers to your social media advertising you can track calls to measure conversion rates and return on investment; even when they click-through to your website.

KeyMetric INI dynamically inserts unique toll-free or local phone numbers on your website for each visitor based on the referring source, campaign and keyword.

KeyMetric INI is session-based, allowing it to scale infinitly.

Track calls from multiple visitors independently; even if they call at the same time from the same source.

Instantly identify if a call came in as a result of a Google Ads keyword, an affiliate campaign, a Facebook ad or unlimited other sources.

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions With Real-Time Call Tracking & Analytics....

Feature Icon 1 Enterprise-Class Platform & Security
Feature Icon 1 Toll-Free & Local Number Call Tracking
Feature Icon 1 Track Calls & Engagements In Real-Time
Feature Icon 1 Unlimited Sources, Campaigns & Keywords
Feature Icon 1 Intelligent Number Insertion for Websites

Feature Icon 1 Call Routing & Simul-Ring/ After Hours
Feature Icon 1 Call Recording & Call Whisper
Feature Icon 1 Call Notes, Tagging & Scoring
Feature Icon 1 Voice-to-Text Call Transcripts
Feature Icon 1 Text & Email Activity Updates

Feature Icon 1 Share Call Data with Google, Bing & More
Feature Icon 1 Real-Time Third-Party Integrations via API
Feature Icon 1 Standard, Custom & Multi-User Reports
Feature Icon 1 Agency-Level Administration & Billing
Feature Icon 1 Industry-Leading Service & Support

With the KeyMetric API you can seamlessly integrate call and conversion data with nearly unlimited third-party reporting systems.

KeyMetric is the only tool to seamlessly combine real-time call tracking with website and online customer engagement analytics.

Access the power to instantly capture a 360 degree view of when, where and how every customer is engaging with your business.

Feature Icon 1 Phone Calls
Feature Icon 1 Form Submissions
Feature Icon 1 Live Chat Sessions
Feature Icon 1 Media Views & Downloads
Feature Icon 1 Coupon Prints
Feature Icon 1 eCommerce/ Shopping Carts
Feature Icon 1 Many, Many More

Pinpoint which website call to actions are the most engaged, while identifying where to reinvest your marketing dollars to generate the greatest ROI.

Generate Defendable Proof-of-Performance for Every Client Advertising Campaign

You know the true power of your agency. Now prove it with real-time phone call and customer engagement data to effectively measure the performance of every client marketing campaign.

KeyMetric accelerates the ability to determine how visitors are searching for and discovering your client' businesses; and more importantly how they are with engaging them - online and offline.

Intelligently reinvest every marketing dollar in the sources, campaigns and keywords proven to generate more customer engagements, leads and sales while proving just how valuable your agency really is.

Founded in 2008, KeyMetric® delivers secure, reliable and up-to-the-minute intelligence on inbound phone calls, customers engagements and online and offline leads and sales to help maximize marketing and media investments.

With customers ranging from small businesses, to national brands and franchises, to Fortune 500 companies, to many of the top agencies around the globe - KeyMetric is trusted by thousands of business locations to deliver marketing performance data.

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