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Intelligent Number Insertion for Websites

Capture Unique Visitor, Session & Call Conversion Data While Tracking Phone Calls from Your Website

Intelligent Number Insertion (INI) for Websites
KeyMetric session-based Intelligent Number Insertion (INI) automatically changes the phone number(s) that are visible on your website (or other HTML-based content) based on the unique campaign, referring traffic source, keyword or search term. With just a few phone numbers you can identify whether a call came in as a result of a Google keyword, an affiliate campaign, a Facebook ad or an unlimited number of other traffic / ad sources.

Intelligent Number Insertion for Apps & Digital Content
Similar to websites, KeyMetric INI can be used within any app or service using HTML and/ or JavaScript content. Session-Based INI automatically changes the phone number(s) that are visible within your content based on the referring ad campaign, app source and/ or domain. With just a few numbers you can identify whether the call came in as a result of a certain ad or content within a mobile app.

With Intelligent Number Insertion (INI) you can track unlimited landline, mobile, tablet and desktop calls from unique visitors and sources. Report filters allow you to view all calls, or only those calls from a specific channel (e.g., mobile calls only). Patent-pending 'Touch-2-Call' technology means you can track mobile, tablet and desktop call conversions without the need for additional tracking numbers or per minute fees. Simply continue to use your existing business phone number.

The Value of Intelligent (Dynamic) Number Insertion
KeyMetric INI dynamically substitutes toll-free and/ or local phone numbers on your website based on the referring campaign, keyword, search term and/ or traffic source. Because KeyMetric is a session-based platform, you can track unlimited referring traffic sources, campaigns, advertisements and domains with just a few phone numbers - even sources you have not identified.

This same process of intelligently inserting toll-free or local phone numbers to identify unique traffic sources, keywords, campaigns and search quiries would continue; allowing you capture unique phone call and customer engagement analytics data for every unique customer visit. And unlike competitive solutions that would not be able to differentiate the two unique Google users, KeyMetric tracks the unique session and click path of each unique visit. The KeyMetric INI algorithm intelligently manages, based on visitor volume, how many numbers are needed and how long a number is associated with a unique user session.

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Implementation Is As Easy As 1-2-3
  1. Add the KeyMetric JavaScript (see example below) to each webpage you wish to track calls on.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    (function () {
    var kmx = document.createElement('script'); kmx.type = 'text/javascript'; kmx.async = true;
    var prtcl = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://');
    kmx.src = prtcl + '';
    var sc = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; sc.parentNode.insertBefore(kmx, sc);
  2. Access the "Add Phone Numbers" section of the KeyMetric tool to add/ remove/ manage toll-free and/ or local phone numbers.
  3. Visit your website and make a single 'test call' to verify your implementation (you should see your visit and phone call in KeyMetric reports instantly).

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