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Call Tracking & Conversion Analytics for Agencies

There is a Reason So Many Advertising & Interactive Agencies Around the Globe Depend on KeyMetric

Whether you like it or not your agency is measured by its ongoing ability to deliver measurable value to each and every one of your clients. There are many agency tools out there that claim to help improve marketing effectiveness and ROI. Some say they can predict the future. Others claim they can make better decisions than you can. Some can only track online conversions and engagements, and others can only provide basic call tracking.

KeyMetric does it all, and delivers it in real-time through our patent-pending, cloud-based SaaS platform that makes it easy to evaluate advertising performance - allowing you to intelligently reinvest every marketing dollar in the client campaigns proven to deliver value.

KeyMetric accelerates your ability to determine how visitors are searching for, and discovering your client' businesses, and more importantly how they are engaging them - online and offline. Easily and effectively optimize your client advertising campaign performance based on accurate engagement, lead and sales inforamtion. Dramatically improve return-on-investment (ROI) and generate more conversion-focused digital, mobile and traditional advertising campaigns and media.

Reinvest in Client Campaigns Proven to Generate ROI
With KeyMetric adTrax, you easily identify exactly which sources, campaigns, media, keywords and content are generating conversions, leads and sales. Stop wasting valuable marketing dollars and use KeyMetric adTrax to easily identify where to best reinvest your advertising dollars to generate the greatest return on investment (ROI).

Track every online & offline customer engagement & conversion, including phone calls, back to the referring traffic source or content.
  • Inernet Traffic Sources
  • Ad & Media Placement Sources
  • Social Networks & Ads
  • Referring Websites & Domains
  • Content & Affiliate Networks
  • Search Engines & Networks
  • Pay per Click Keywords
  • Organic Search Queries
  • Many More
" We have tested every calltracking and conversion analytics solution out there, and KeyMetric is by far the best product on the market. No other tool comes close to giving us the phone call and conversion data we need, and their customer support is second to no one. We are 100% committed to growing our business; and our client businesses using KeyMetric. "

Jason Boshoff
COO - USO Networks

Best in Class Features & Benefits
  • Quick & Easy Setup & Implementation
  • Agency White-Label Options
  • Instant Phone Number Assignment
  • Standard & Custom Reporting
  • Email & Text Updates & Notifications
  • Track Unlimited Campaigns & Sources
  • Call Recording, Whisper & Annotation
  • Post-Call Scoring & Sales Notes
  • Integrated Online Engagement Tracking
  • Session-Based Intelligent Number Insertion
  • Customized Administration for Agencies
  • Client-by-Client and Aggregate Roll-Up Reporting
  • Track Unlimited PPC Keywords
  • Mobile, Desktop, Tablet & Digital Platforms
  • Integrate Call Data with Google Adwords & Analytics
  • Integrate Call Data with Third-Party Apps
  • Month-to-Month Service. No Contracts
  • Volume & Multi-Client Discounts Available
KeyMetric accelerates your ability to determine how visitors and customers are converting through the entire click path - and more importantly the value of those unique conversions and engagements. Stop guessing which campaigns are delivering value, and start reinvesting in the campaigns proven to deliver value.

If you are not tracking all your online and offline engagements, including phone calls, with the level of "Smart Data" only available with KeyMetric adTrax, you cannot effectively adjust client ad spend, ad buys, keyword bids and SEO to maximize return-on-investment (ROI).

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Easily Integrate Call Data with Google AdWords, Google Analytics & Other Reporting Services

KeyMetric easily integrates with Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads and several other third-party reporting services such as, Acquisio, DashThis and more to marry call conversion data with other key campaign metrics. For customers who are using Google Analytics, and/ or are advertising through Google AdWords we make it easy to view valuable call conversion data within the Google reporting system. Simply provide KeyMetric with your account ID and create a destination goal.

The KeyMetric GetCalls API allows for easy integration of KeyMetric call data with nearly unlimited third-party data and reporting systems - ensuring you see the data you need when and where you need to see it to make intelligent marketing decisions.