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Call Tracking for Ad Campaigns & Sources

Track Calls from Ad Sources, Traffic Sources & Campaigns Across Mobile, Desktop & Digital Platforms

With KeyMetric, you instantly track inbound phone calls from unlimited online, offline, mobile and digital traffic sources, marketing campaigns and advertisements by assigning a unique toll-free or local phone number to each source. Measure the performance of each marketing investment to know exactly where to reinvest your advertising dollars to increae ROI as much as 400%.

Simply select and assign a unique toll-free or local phone number to any online or offline advertising source, traffic source or campaign. Now when customers call your business, you can easily identify which source or campaign they are calling from - allowing you to effectively measure the value of every advertising dollar spent.

Measure Unlimited Online, Offline & Mobile Campaigns & Sources
  • Social Media Campaigns & Advertisments
  • Coupons such as Groupon, Living Social & More
  • TV Commercials & Interactive Messages
  • Videos on, and More
  • Rich Media & Banner Ads
  • Newspaper & Magazine Advertising
  • Radio & Podcast Spots
  • Press Releases
  • Postcards & Mailers
  • Vehicle Branding & Wraps
  • Tradeshow Booths & Collaterals
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Customer Communications & Updates
  • Unlimited Other Campaigns, Sources & Ads
Additionally, you can setup unqiue destination URLs or subdomains (e.g., or use a unique tracking code (e.g., to include within online and offline advertisements; allowing customers to see the same unique phone number when they click-through to your website. Always know the exact marketing campaign, advertising source, social network, mobile app or website that delivers valuable phone calls - making it easy to know which campaigns and sources to reinvest in to maximize ROI.

The Most Reliable Call Tracking Platform on the Market
  • Quick & Easy Setup & Implementation
  • Instant Phone Number Assignment
  • Standard & Custom Reporting
  • Email & Text Updates & Notifications
  • Call Recording, Whisper & Annotation
  • Post-Call Scoring & Sales Notes
  • Integrated Online Engagement Tracking
  • Session-Based Intelligent Number Insertion
  • Customized Administration for Agencies
  • Track Unlimited Campaigns & Sources
  • Track Unlimited PPC Keywords
  • Mobile, Desktop, Tablet & Digital Platforms
  • Integrate Call Data with Google Adwords & Analytics
  • Integrate Call Data with Third-Party Apps
  • Month-to-Month Service. No Contracts

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